Brett Anderson's injury history reduced to 'Fun Fact' by TV broadcast

David Brown

Injuries have dogged the career of left-hander Brett Anderson, who was limited to 16 appearances and five starts a season ago because of a stress fracture in his foot.

That's a "fun fact," right? A happy little note. A cool thing that happened to him. Wait, it's not? It hasn't been loads of fun for Anderson to spend most of his time on the disabled list? And that he hasn't gotten through an entire season without injury since he was a rookie in 2009?

Well, somebody tell the Root Sports ticker, which reduced all of Anderson's pain and frustration into a literal "Fun Fact" on the crawl at the bottom of the screen Tuesday night on its Colorado Rockies broadcast. Making it a note, of course. Mentioning it, absolutely. Injuries have been a big part of his story. But calling it "fun" doesn't compute.

What else could they call it? A "Melancholy Matter"? A "Sorry Certitude"? A "Bad-News Bulletin"?

Anderson did not see the poor phrasing as it happened; he was on the field. In his Rockies/National League debut, Anderson allowed four runs — three earned — and five hits over six innings in a 4-3 loss to the Miami Marlins.

Anderson also achieved a career milestone: His first major league hit. He blooped a double in the top of the fifth inning that got past outfielder Marcel Ozuna. Anderson, who is active in social media, posted evidence of his hit on Instagram:


(Don't try clicking on the arrow. It's not a video of the play.)

If you do happen to click on video of the hit, Anderson looks pretty happy with himself as he cruises into second base.

It's pretty neat that Anderson can play and later talk to fans on Twitter about it after the game. Fans or former teammates, such as Josh Donaldson.

Anderson played the first part of his career with the Oakland Athletics, and came in not having reached base in four plate appearances. Who knows? With better luck with injuries, perhaps Anderson would have gotten a hit (or hits) years ago. Anderson had Tommy John elbow ligament replacement surgery in 2011, but that's just one of the injury bugs that have bitten Anderson, who otherwise probably would be one of the better pitchers in the league.

All he can do now is move forward, no matter how much we keep reminding him about his injury riddled past.

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