Bret Boone suggests some gourmet beef jerky, but his face suggests botox

David Brown
Big League Stew

This is a funny commercial about gourmet beef jerky that former major leaguer Bret Boone stars in, though the YouTube commenter is right: Why doesn't the waiter say "Boone appetit"? A missed pun is even worse than a bad pun.

I'm sure Brandt's Beef Jerky is great, probably even better than Ted Nugent's, and Boone definitely has a present in acting, if not a future, but what about the elephant in the room? Boone, I think it's obvious, has had botox injections. Not Bosox, a nickname for the Major League Baseball team in Boston, but botox: "sausage poison" used to smooth out wrinkles and to ease migraine headaches. A wonder drug if there's ever been one.

I've seen enough episodes of "Real Housewives of" whatever to know when someone's had work done, and Boone has definitely had his face pulled tighter than fresh jerky.

Compare Bret from 2008 and Jerky Bret:

He's 44 years old and naturally handsome, like all of the Boones. He should not have doctors inject things into his face. One wonders: Did he get botox just because he knew a big commercial gig was coming up and he felt he needed a boost?

Question: Can you undo botox like you can breast implants? Or is it like toothpaste, or jerky: Once you turn beef into something else, there's no reverting.

So, while brother Aaron Boone does the TV analyst thing for ESPN — and without botox, as far as I can tell — Bret Boone does the TV pitchman thing. Here's a 2-minute version of the commercial, because we needed one with more back story, obviously.

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