Braves sweep D-backs and unload ‘Glass Joe Title’ in the process

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

We didn't imagine the Atlanta Braves would be stuck with The Stew's "Glass Joe Title" for all that long. The Braves are much more Super Macho Man than Glass Joe — these, of course, being characters from the "Punch-Out!" video game series.

Our "Glass Joe Titles" get passed around baseball, a sign of shame for teams who get KO'd in a series. Lose to the current Glass Joe? Now you're the Glass Joe. And this weekend, the Braves swept the Arizona Diamondbacks and broke free of The Joe they earned upon losing a series to the Mets recently.

Lost? Don't worry. Here's a "Glass Joe Title" FAQ:

• It's adapted from Eye On Baseball's Heavyweight Championship Belt. Only the opposite. It's for losers.

• It's named after Glass Joe, a 1-99 boxer from the "Punch-Out" video game series.

• The Glass Joe Title is like a hot potato that no team wants to be left holding. If the current Glass Joe beats another team in a series — no ties, only a legit series win — they are free from Glass Joe-ness. It doesn't need to be a sweep either. Just a series win.

• There are two Glass Joes, one in each league. It's our hope that one day, through the wonders of interleague play, the "Glass Joe Title" can be unified. The Angels and Mets were the first Glass Joes after losing series to the Astros and Marlins, respectively.

• It's for fun. Don't get so bent out of shape.

The D-backs start a four-game series Monday with the Mets, with a solid opportunity to send the "Glass Joe Title" back to NYC. Our AL Glass Joes, meanwhile, the New York Yankees play four games against the fourth-place Twins starting Monday. They, too, have a good chance to unload the title after two weeks.

Baseball season's in full swing. Don't miss a thing.
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