Braves fans release ‘Beasts from the East’ video

You know opening day is drawing near when baseball anthems start popping up.

In this case, we have a group of Atlanta Braves fans rapping about their hometown team in a song entitled "Beasts from the East." It's actually a very well produced video, too. Of course it includes references to the Braves making a run to the postseason by leapfrogging over the Washington Nationals in the National League East, the Upton brothers arriving in town, and the tomahawk chop.

All solid and completely necessary touches to make the video work. But there were a few other lyrics that I thought were excellent as well.

1. Atlanta Thrashers, rest in peace: Hey, I'm not the biggest hockey fan, but I appreciate any shoutout to a now defunct sports franchise. And they didn't take the low road by taking a shot at the now Winnipeg Jets.

2. I love you, Mr. Prado: Gone but not forgotten in the video is Atlanta's former Mr. Everything.

3. Where the pitchers are men and hit for themselves: Ha! Take that American League! For someone who strongly prefers the National League style of play and the strategy involved (hey, it's how the game was meant to be played) I enjoyed that line immensely. Just don't tell Justin Verlander or C.C. Sabathia I said that.

4. Infield fly, more like infield cry: Yeah, that one is still a sore subject in Atlanta. Understandably so. It was the crucial play in a single elimination playoff game that the Braves didn't win. Like Steve Bartman in Chicago, it probably won't be forgotten until they make another deep postseason run and actually bring home a trophy.

5. Wrensanity: A well deserved hat tip to general manager Frank Wren and his productive winter.

Be sure to check out the video and weigh in with your thoughts. I'm sure they'll be interesting, especially from the non-Braves backers.

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