Brandon McCarthy and his Twitter posse pummel MLB analyst Mitch Williams after dumb comment

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

There's an old saying about not picking fights with men who buy ink by the barrel. In the era of Twitter, it's also wise never tick off a baseball player with almost 120,000 Twitter followers and razor-sharp wit.

We're talking about Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Brandon McCarthy, baseball's pied piper of 140 characters. His latest foe is MLB Network analyst and former pitcher Mitch Williams, who during a Wednesday broadcast used McCarthy's 2012 injury — in which McCarthy was hit in the head by a line drive — as fodder to make a point about why pitchers should pitch inside.

McCarthy suffered a skull fracture, brain contusion and epidural hemorrhage from the incident, not exactly what you'd deem a "teachable moment." It was, in fact, a very scary moment that didn't need to be boiled down to simple cause-and-effect — not last year, not now.

So McCarthy, as he was certainly justified, fired back via Twitter at the pitcher formerly known as "Wild Thing":

That would be enough to give McCarthy a KO in this word joust, but then he decided to imagine Williams' basic point in other, non-baseball scenarios:

And wouldn't you know it? McCarthy created a meme. Many of his followers jumped on board.

In the end, McCarthy and his Twitter posse made Mitch Williams a trending topic Wednesday night. Micro-vindication, you might call it.

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