Bootleg Cubs mascot punches guy who removed his head at Wrigleyville Bar

In January, the Chicago Cubs unveiled their first official mascot since 1916 when Clark the Cub was introduced to the world. You know, because the kids who come to Wrigley Field demanded it!

But apparently Clark's presence hasn't stopped wannabe Cubs mascot "Billy Cub" — the same mascot the Cubs asked to vacant the premises last summer — from patrolling the Wrigleyville area, and more specifically the local bar scene.

Check out the video linked below Billy Cub, in all of his splendor, hanging out at a Wrigleyville bar on Saturday. Ten seconds into the video, another person, possibly a Cubs fan, takes the initiative to sneak up behind Billy and quite literally remove his head.

WATCH THE VIDEO HERE (Warning: Strong language at the end)

What seemed like a funny idea at first quickly went south for this person, because the guy wearing the bear suit didn't appreciate having his face exposed to the dozens of people in the bar — and the soon to be millions who will see him on Youtube. He responded by throwing and connecting with an overhand bear claw (or Billy Club) to the chin, which sent the man flying. A number of patrons and employees stepped in to separate the two adults, allowing the one dressed as a bear to retrieve his head and attempt to take his leave.

Before he could get too far though, he gets sucker punched in the stomach, perhaps by the same fan. It's difficult to tell on the video, but that person is quickly subdued, and the bear leaves in peace and in one piece, mercifully.

All of that in 39 seconds, folks. Perhaps the most entertaining (or sad) 39 seconds you'll see all weekend.

And to add to the misery and discontent of all involved, the Cubs fell to the Philadelphia Phillies 2-0, dropping their early season record to 1-4.

Baseball in Chicago. Catch the fever... and watch out for the rolling head of the bootleg Cubs mascot!

BLS H/N: Deadspin (via @stunod7)

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