The Booth Visitor, Part 2: Jerry Seinfeld does Mets broadcast again

David Brown
Big League Stew

Returning to the booth for the first time in three years, comedian Jerry Seinfeld added his particular brand of observational humor to the New York Mets-San Francisco Giants tilt Tuesday night on the SNY broadcast. Seated among analyst Ron Darling, former "Seinfeld" guest star Keith Hernandez and play-by-play man Gary Cohen, Seinfeld said he watches Mets games on TV "every night" — when he's not at Citi Field — and it certainly prepared him well for the broadcast.

"This is my team," Seinfeld said. "I know we're not going to win. I don't care."

He was right. The Giants won 8-5.

Perhaps cognizant of the recent uptick in concussion awareness, Seinfeld also lobbied for more padding on outfield walls.

"I do not understand why outfield walls are not padded in such a way that we don't risk a guy's entire career for the sake of a couch cushion," Seinfeld said.

Overall, he was very Seinfeldian. His contributions are better observed than repeated in text, so enjoy the video. And the veal.

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