Bobby Abreu 'thinking' hard about his upcoming changes

One of these guys would bring a lot of money on the open market, has decent range in the outfield and is universally appreciated. The other is Bobby Abreu on Photo Day.

Oh, I kid. The arrival of Abreu as an Angel is being met with an onslaught of stories from the local media on how he's adjusting to both left field and hitting second in the lineup.

Abreu on his new slot in the batting order, via LA Daily News:

"It's no problem. The guys who are going to be batting eighth and ninth, they're going to get on base a lot. As soon as the game starts, you bat (second) once then it's the same as batting third or fourth.

"With the lineup we have, we have a lot of guys who can run. Then me batting in front of (Vladimir Guerrero) and Torii Hunter — it's going to be a lot of fun, man."

Abreu will be taking off soon to play for Team Venezuela and there's a bit of a controversy brewing with Carlos Guillen on who gets to play left field. One way or the other, Abreu will definitely need to get acclimated to his new climes by Opening Day. He's only played 16 games in left in his career — those contests came all the way back in 1997 with the Astros — and he's only hit in the second spot on 41 different occasions.

And really, I was kidding with that awful joke above. I take a look at the Angels outfield — Abreu, Hunter, Guerrero — and can't think of one I'm more excited to watch.

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