Blue Jays’ Brett Lawrie films himself doing 360-degree slam dunk while wearing headphones because he can

David Brown
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For fans of the Toronto Blue Jays fans, one of the hopeful events of the 2013 season was the success had by slugger Brett Lawrie in August, when he hit .346/.392/.495 in 117 plate appearances. Sample size and a weak September as a follow-up and all that (thanks for ruining the comeback narrative, BRETT) but Lawrie might just be coming into his own in his 24th year. He's already known for making some crazy good plays on defense.

And, as he recently showed on the internet, his overall athleticism is doing quite well. He posted a couple of monster dunks, including a one-handed 360-degree slam (if it wasn't exactly 360 degrees, it was 350 or so) in black and white on his Twitter account recently.

And both dunks happened with headphones on, for some reason. Pitbull, too. Degree of difficulty a little higher? Dope Factor 11?

Lawrie is listed at 6-feet, so he might be 5-foot-11 or 5-foot-10, for all we know. How tall is that in metres? Your guess is as good as my Trapper Keeper.

Lawrie also filmed a two-handed slam off the backboard, lest you thought the first dunk a fluke:

Not that he's going to be trying out for the Raptors, or waiting for the Grizziles to return to British Columbia:

It's only three months until pitchers and catchers and dunkers report.

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