BLS poll: Are the Yankees down for the count?

Are the Yankees cold to the touch? Your logical response would be to say yes.

Bolstering that claim would be the facts that the Yanks just went 3-7 on their road trip, are nine games behind the first place Rays and are competing with the Rangers for the most troubled pitching staff in MLB. In addition, even most of their fans over at Pete Abe's blog think they should make other plans for October.

Then again, these are the Yankees we're talking about. They've made the playoffs 13 years running, have been declared dead before (though they're never been this lifeless this late in the season) and The Captain still believes his team is in contention. What more do you need?

Here are the stone cold facts: With 41 games remaining, the Yankees are six games behind Boston for the wild card and have six games remaining against their biggest rival down the stretch. They have six left against the Rays.

So in spite of all the injuries and pitching deficiencies this season, do you think the Yankees can come back to pull it off and make the playoffs in the final season at Yankee Stadium? Why or why not?

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