BLS poll: Should it be All-Star Weekend instead of Weekdays?

Busy day ahead, what with starting pitching announcements (Roy Halladay and who?), player interviews (submit your questions now!) and then the Home Run Derby. As one writer said last night, "Forget the summer solstice, this is officially the longest day of the year."

We'll have plenty of news over the next two days — both on the blog and on the BLS Twitter feed — but before I head out into the St. Louis heat, I wanted to ask you a question.

Should all of this really be going on during a Monday and Tuesday?

After all, the three other major sports make weekends of their All-Star showcases with the NBA and NHL putting their skill showcases on Saturday night, when the bars are packed, and their games on Sunday night, when everyone's home and unwinding in front of the TV.

Major League Baseball, though, has only featured one All-Star Game during a weekend and that was only because the 1981 strike pushed the event from July to August. One would assume that a change would be unlikely. The owners would be losing three days of gate-heavy attendance, they're the only show in town during the week and, like I said, this is the way it's always been done. Why mess with it?

But on the other side, there's still a good case to be made. Placing the game on Sunday night would allow for an earlier start time, which would mean more people would stay up to watch its conclusion. The Home Run Derby could also be placed in Saturday night prime time and the players who weren't named to the All-Star teams could use their time off for better reasons (Vegas?) than shopping at uncrowded Targets and being told by all their friends that they can't go out that night because they have to work in the morning. (As someone who always used to have Mondays and Wednesdays off, I can relate.)

Anyway, it's a good discussion to have and I'd like to see what you think. We'll be back with more later, but for now, have at it.