BLS photoshop: Angry Cards fans topple Pujols statue

David Brown

Like many fed-up citizens of Syria and the occupiers of Wall Street here in the United States, some fans of the St. Louis Cardinals are protesting their mistreatment at the hands of the most powerful person in their lives — slugger Albert Pujols.

After hitting 445 home runs, winning two World Series for St. Louis and pretty much being the best baseball player in the world for 11 seasons, The Machine has decided to sign a free-agent contract with the Los Angeles Angels. First manager Tony La Russa decided to retire, and now Albert is leaving.

As a result, we have some angry Redbirds fans in the greater Busch Stadium area. One observer on Twitter even referred to it — hopefully with some regret — as a "9/11" type of moment for Cardinals fans. So, while everyone's in a hyperbolic mood, our finest Stew Illustrators have created a "what if?" photoshop, depicting what might happen if the smoldering mood in St. Louis erupts into full-blown revolution. Not even the statue of Albert, which (for now) sits outside his St. Louis restaurant — under reported guard — would be safe from rioters.

Hopefully, it doesn't come to that. But for now, STAY IN YOUR HOMES, PEOPLE!

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