BLS Field Trip: The Miller Park tailgating scene

As promised, here are the highlights from my l'il road trip up I-94 to Milwaukee last Saturday for the Brewers-Pirates game. As you'll be able to see, three things were flowing freely that day: Miller Lite, 67 varieties of mustard and unabashed hope that the Brewers were going to trade for CC Sabathia.

(Note Kreskin at the 3:27 mark who completely nails when the trade would happen.)

It should be noted that most of the people featured in the video, save for my shaggy-haired Italian friend Joe, were complete strangers until we started talking.

Also, if you're completely moved by my iMovie directorial debut and want to visit Miller Park later this summer, make sure to check out our BLS Big Ballpark Review of one of the happiest places on Earth.

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