BLS contest! Win a copy of the 2011 World Series film

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There's quick and then there's what the fine folks over at MLB Productions do each fall. The official 2011 World Series film goes on sale Tuesday, just 25 days after the St. Louis Cardinals  and the Texas Rangers ended their meeting in one of the best Fall Classics we've seen.

I had the opportunity to watch an advance copy in the Stew Den on Monday night and enjoyed it very much. Despite the fast turnaround and the challenge of producing a movie about a World Series that went seven games — the crew had to basically gather enough material and interviews for two films depending on which team won — the final result was as engrossing as the World Series itself.

From the narration by Jon Hamm to the dramatic film and multiple angles of every key moment to the crew tagging along on a trip to Pappy's with Cards closer Jason Motte (which we witnessed), it's the type of thing every Cardinals fan will be glad to see under their tree on Christmas morning. Or, for the rest of us cheapskates without a horse in the race, a great reminder of how good that World Series actually was whenever MLB Network airs it down the line.

But why should any of you wait? Big League Stew has three copies of the film to give away, so we thought we'd hold a holiday week contest to give them away.

Details are below: {YSP:MORE}

What you need to do: Since Cardinals fans will be most interested in acquiring these prizes, we're tilting the contest toward them. Tell us about the unique way that YOU celebrated this World Series. It could be anything, really, from a crazy Halloween costume, to a heart-felt blog post about your grandpa or a video of you jumping up and down on your sofa after the Cardinals clinched it. The only requirement we ask is that you're able to prove that your material is your own and not, say, lifted from Reddit, YouTube or Joe Sports Fan.

Masochistic Rangers fans are also encouraged to apply since the three Texas triumphs before Nellie Cruz got alligator arms on the warning track are documented nicely. But we'll understand why our inbox is short on your interest if that turns out to be the case.

Deadline: The winners will be announced in a post next Monday, so get your submissions in by Sunday, Nov. 27 at noon CT.  Email all submissions to  Good luck!

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