Blown call on Delmon Young line drive costs Rays a run in AL tiebreaker game

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If this were 2014, a manager's challenge would have followed the final "out" of the top of the seventh inning in Monday night's AL wild card tiebreaker game.

But baseball hasn't put into effect its new instant replay rules yet, which means there's not much recourse when a team gets cheated out of a run like the Tampa Bay Rays did.

This was the situation: Delmon Young was up with two outs and Wil Myers on second base. He was moving on the pitch, so it looked like Young's liner to centerfield would score Myers. Texas Rangers outfielder Leonys Martin dove toward the ball and it short-hopped into his glove. He jumped up like he caught it, and the umps totally bought it. Particularly umpire Bruce Dreckman who called it a catch from left field.

The TV-watching crowd didn't even need a replay. It was very obviously a trapped ball. "With six umpires, how was that missed?" said TBS play-by-play announcer Joe Simpson.

The Rays were up 4-2 when this happened, and they're still up by that score at the time of this posting. Should something go awry for the Rays and one run make the difference in this do-or-die game, Martin's "catch" will be another black eye this season for baseball's umpires.

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