Blown call costs Yasiel Puig an assist after phenomenal 280-foot throw

After Minnesota Twins rookie Aaron Hicks uncorked a strong and remarkably accurate throw from 250 feet to cut down Vernon Wells as he attempted to stretch a double into a triple, I thought it would be a good long while before another throw challenged it for the best of the season.

Lo and behold, it only took a week. And I guess it should come as no surprise that the outfielder whose made us jump out of our seats this time was Los Angeles Dodgers rookie Yasiel Puig.

The throw was a beauty and it was right on the money from deep in right field, approximately 280 feet away according to MLB Network. And to make it even more noteworthy, it was Bryce Harper who Puig attempted to cut down at third base after he tagged up on Jayson Werth's flyball. Third baseman Juan Uribe only needed to take one step forward to meet the throw in the air, and then applied the tag, which he clearly did on time.

Unfortunately, though, umpire Eric Cooper saw it differently — perhaps because he didn't really believe what he saw in the first place — and ruled Harper safe.

Here's another angle that supports how incredible the throw was, and also seems to indicate Harper was tagged on the calf before his hands got to the bag.

Such a shame it won't go down as an assist, but it certainly solidifies Yasiel Puig's contention for the strongest outfield arm in baseball. You can bet Bryce Harper took notice.

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