‘Blinkin’ fertilizer’: The great Vin Scully translates Jim Tracy’s meltdown (VIDEO)

When Vin Scully's name is written or brought up in a conversation, it's usually followed by the terms "national treasure" or "greatest of all time." He is without question the most universally loved figure in Major League Baseball, and perhaps in the entire sporting world.

If for some reason you need a reminder why most of the world feels that way, we have a perfect example for you, because Mr. Scully was in legendary form on Monday night while lipreading and translating the words Colorado Rockies manager Jim Tracy was directing towards umpire Mike Everitt after a controversial call went against his squad in its 2-0 win over the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The play happened in the seventh inning. New Dodger Shane Victorino looped a soft fly ball into shallow center field that Dexter Fowler charged and appeared to catch. It was even ruled a catch at first by Everitt, the third base umpire. However, after a quick argument from Don Mattingly and an umpire huddle, the call was overturned. When Everitt attempted to explain the new ruling to Tracy, he went a little crazy, and Scully attempted to provide a PG-rated translation of his every word.

Here's a look at the play and the argument. Jim Tracy makes his appearance at the 1:06 mark:

That is blinkin' classic stuff that no other broadcaster in the world could pull off. And it didn't just stop with the translation, which was hilarious and awesome on every level, but the brilliance continued even after the dust finally settled on the near five-minute debate and delay. That's when Scully made his feelings on instant replay clear.

From Deadspin:

After the whole thing was over, and Tracy had been sent packing, Scully drolly noted "We have all this technology and they don't use it because they say it would delay the game. Well, what was that we just saw?"

Never leave us, Mr. Scully. Please never leave us.

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