Bird bath! Rogers Centre roof malfunction lets rain into Jays-Orioles game

Kevin Kaduk
Big League Stew

In a year that has seen the Toronto Blue Jays send waves of players to the DL, it only makes sense that the Rogers Centre roof would also be physically unable to perform at some point. And that's exactly what happened on Tuesday night as the ballpark's lid proved to be more sky than dome after a mechanical malfunction did not allow the roof to close in time to ward off a storm caused by the remnants of Hurricane Isaac.

The result was rain falling through a 30-foot gap in the roof and onto the Jays' 12-0 loss to Orioles during the sixth inning, but not enough to cause a rain delay.  The team later apologized to fans, though some were able to experience the novelty of using umbrellas they had been using around town earlier in the day. The grounds crew also got in a bit of overtime, using quick dry for the dirt on the pitcher's mound and base cutouts.

Though rare, this wasn't the first time that the Rogers Centre turf felt drops of rain. A surprise storm caught stadium staff off guard back in 2003 and caused a 26-minute delay when the roof could not close in time. It takes about 20 minutes to close the roof if everything is working just right.

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