Billy Hamilton scares Reds fans after ugly crash into outfield wall in Arizona Fall League

Kevin Kaduk
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Say, what could go wrong when a prospect who has played infield for four seasons starts getting turns in the outfield during the Arizona Fall League? Future Cincinnati speedster Billy Hamilton found out on Saturday night when he crashed into the center field wall when trying to make a catch for the Peoria Javelinas in the title game:

Reds fans had to be scared once they saw Hamilton fall to the ground as Washington prospect Anthony Rendon pulled into third for a triple for the Salt River team. But the good news is that Hamilton, who broke Vince Coleman's minor league steals record in 2012, appeared to be OK despite initial appearances.


On Rendon's triple, Hamilton slammed against the wall trying to make the play, forcing him from the game. He stayed on the ground for a long time before slowly walking off the field. In the end, it appeared to be back spasms and nothing more serious.

"It's sore, but I'm OK," said Hamilton, who is playing the outfield for the first time this fall, moving from shortstop. "There aren't walls when you play shortstop, but I better get used to that."

Hamilton does have to get used to that because he'll be playing a lot of outfield in Double- or Triple-A next season. Not only are the Reds pretty set at shortstop with Zack Cozart and Didi Gregorius clogging the pipeline, but Hamilton's speed can obviously be a plus in the outfield.

Once he gets used to operating around the warning track, that is.

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