Billy Corgan is not happy about the Cubs excluding Ryne Sandberg

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The imperturbable Ryne Sandberg took the news that Theo Epstein wants an experienced manager with his usual good grace, saying he holds no ill will after being prematurely excluded from the Chicago Cubs' managerial search.

Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan, however, doesn't seem to be taking the news as well. While appearing on a Chicago sports radio on Thursday morning, the Cubs' biggest musician fan not named Eddie Vedder or Steve Goodman took issue with the blinders that Epstein is wearing over at Wrigley Field.

From WSCR 670:

"(Sandberg) is an adopted Chicagoan in the way that Ditka is," Corgan said "I think a guy like that deserves a meeting, I'm sorry. He deserves a meeting. He deserves to be able to sit down, one hour, in an office and say, 'This is why I should be the manager of the Chicago Cubs.' Now, if he doesn't make it from that point of view and they go, 'He's not our guy,' whatever, but to not even let him through the door I think that's a little bit childish. I don't get that."

So what does this mean exactly? That Corgan is renouncing his Cubs fanship because of Epstein's oversight? No more primo box seats, seventh inning stretch appearances or commandeering a parade float when Epstein finally gets the job done?

Well, let's not go that far. {YSP:MORE}

"I mean I'm all for Theo Epstein. I'm so glad that he is now a member of the Cubs organization. I like the way the Ricketts family is trying to change the team. I've actually had some personal contact. I feel their enthusiasm. They're obviously committed, and I obviously love the Chicago Cubs, but I think it's a little childish to not bring in a Cubs legend who at least deserves the hour meeting. OK, I'm not Ryan Sandberg, right, but if that was me I would be 'peed' off."

Of course, if Corgan were Sandberg, he'd remember the interview he had with Epstein for a minor league job in the Boston Red Sox system last winter. So he'd realize that he wasn't being dismissed sight unseen. He'd probably also be excited that he's going to be interviewing for the open St. Louis Cardinals job sometime soon.

In the end, though, I'm glad that Billy Corgan is Billy Corgan. With the possibility of Sandberg managing for the rival Cardinals still out there, there's a chance he could soon be filled with enough whiny angst that we'll get a classic Pumpkins record out of the whole episode.

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