Bill Murray does Harry Caray voice to promote 'Ghostbusters' night in Toledo

David Brown
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It's a good Harry Caray voice that baseball lover/movie star Bill Murray does in a commercial to promote "Ghostbusters" night for the Class AAA Toledo Mud Hens. And an appearance by the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man dominating downtown Toledo in the background was a nice touch. It's also funny that Murray includes the Ghostbusters tag line — "We're ready to believe you!" in the Caray voice during his sales pitch:

“Holy Toledo,” Murray says in the voice of Caray, the late Chicago Cubs broadcaster. “Welcome to Ghostbusters night. Have fun out there. Be safe. We’re ready.”

The Hens are hosting a celebration May 30 honoring the film — which is 30 years old, are you kidding? —and they're wearing themed uniforms, which The Stew told you about in February. Murray owns a piece of at least four minor-league baseball teams, though the Hens are not among them.

So it's fun that Miller promotes minor-league ball, but anything with Ghostbusters is a sad reminder that Harold Ramis is no longer alive. Ramis was one of the writers of the original Ghostbusters and he won't have a hand in another sequel, if there ever is a "Ghostbusters 3." Even if another Ghostbusters movie never happens, it's still sad because he's gone.

Anyway. Orange whip?

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