Bill Buckner’s Idaho ranch for sale at $1.7 million

David Brown
Big League Stew

When the likes of Alex Rodriguez or Derek Jeter buy or sell property, the prices are so high that almost no fan is able to relate. In the case of former major leaguer Bill Buckner, the real estate bubble isn't quite as bloated. How does $1.7 million for a four-acre ranch in Boise, Idaho sound? Five bedrooms, five baths, pool, stables, nonpareil view. Still too rich? At least the listing is closer to what the wealthiest people on "Property Hunters International" spend on those Caribbean beach houses.

While not a Hall of Famer and only an All-Star once in 19 seasons, Buckner is one of the more famous players of the past 40 years. Playing for the Boston Red Sox in 1986, he infamously made a key error in Game 6 of the World Series that helped the New York Mets cap one of the most stunning comebacks ever. Buckner also has sported a legendary mustache, eyebrows and baseball player hair.

Long since forgiven for the Game 6 mistake, Buckner recently has spent his time as the hitting coach for the Chicago Cubs' Class A minor league team in Boise. He has wanted to ascend to the major league ranks as a coach/manager someday, but it's uncertain if Buckner selling property in Boise means anything in that regard.

Bill Buckner's ranch! Really, this is an offer you can't let pass through your legs! Before you say no, check out the slideshow.

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