Big League Stew wishes Elvis a very happy 74th birthday

One thing you might not know about ol' Duk is that I'm pretty much an Elvis freak. No joke. I have a ceramic bust of The King that once bought at a garage sale for all of one dollar to prove it.

Since Elvis turns 74 years young today, I thought I'd share some links that involve both Elvis and baseball.

Since he was more of a football fan, these were a little hard to find. Still, here's betting you'll devour 'em faster than these PB, bacon and banana sandwiches.

* * *

• Not counting Lance "Fat Elvis" Berkman, Elvis Pena is the only Major Leaguer in history to share a first name with The King. He had a combined 49 ABs in 25 games with the Rockies and Brewers in 2000-01.

Jim Presley, an All-Star with the Mariners in 1986, is the only one to share his last name.

• Kirk Presley, The King's third cousin, was drafted eighth overall by the Mets in 1993 and also hailed from Tupelo, Mississippi. Despite signing for a $900,000 bonus, Kirk never reached the bigs. He currently coaches the Tupelo 49ers American Legion baseball team.

Bitsy Mott was the starting shortstop for the 1945 Phillies. His sister later married Col. Tom Parker, which led to a stint as Elvis' bodyguard and appearances in at least two of his movies.

• In 1978, Donruss produced a 66-card Elvis Presley set, which you can bid on at Ebay here. (Bid currently stands at a whopping $3.31.)

• But if you're going to buy only one Elvis item, make sure it's this baseball jacket, which will run you $234, but will be worth every single penny.

• Elvis played a six-show run at the Astrodome in 1970, drawing 207,494 people.

As documented on the Stew last season, an Elvis impersonator was arrested at Wrigley Field after running on the field and sliding on the tarp.

• The White Sox hold an "Elvis Night" each August, featuring impersonators and Flying Elvii.

• Elvis inspired The Honky Tonk Man, whom I met at a Brewers' spring training game.

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