Big League Stew wants your memories of Yankee Stadium

With three games left against the White Sox and then three against the Orioles, the Yankees are now down to six games left in Ye Olde Yankee Stadium. After the last out in Sunday night's game is recorded, they'll move across the street, where the new digs will have more luxury suites and (hopefully) cleaner bathrooms. It will also contain absolutely no memories — at least not at first — of great Yankee wins and days spent between fathers and sons, mothers and daughters.

But instead of letting Joe Morgan and Jon Miller have the last word on what Yankee Stadium has meant to so many people over the years, we at The Stew thought we'd open up the floor and solicit YOUR memories of the grand ol' cathedral. We'd like to hear YOUR stories — whether they be hilarious, poignant, fueled by beer or all of the above — of hot July days and cold October nights spent in the Bronx.

So if you got 'em, write 'em and email 'em over to 'Duk at Include your name and hometown and if it's worth the retelling, we'll post them on Friday, just before the weekend.

Yes, this qualifies as an order.

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