Big League Stew timeline: Manny Ramirez's California vacation

And so it has ended. After a little over two years of Manny Ramirez(notes) bringing his demented yogi approach to the TMZ-friendly confines of Dodger Stadium, the sulking slugger is headed to Chicago's South Side, a place with a completely opposite world view.

But before Manny heads east to meet the Grabowskis, let's travel through the Big League Stew archives to take a look back at his time with the Los Angeles Dodgers. It was an era that began with sycophantical acceptance before devolving into the "man, why did we condone this dude's behavior in the first place?' sentiment that's still felt all over Boston.

Let's begin, shall we?

• Three days before the divorce was made final and Theo Epstein turned his problem child into the infinitely more genial Jason Bay(notes), Manny issued his annual "trade me and see if I care" address. With a split appearing imminent, one destination was mentioned more than any other: Chavez Ravine. 7/28/2008

• Manny takes to the airwaves to suggest that he'd be fine with going to Green Bay in exchange for another superstar looking to bring his ego to a different pasture. 7/30/2008

• The rise of Mannywood officially begins as Ramirez heads west in a three-team trade involving the Dodgers, Red Sox and Pirates. Our post from that day has somehow mysteriously evaporated, so we're unable to remind you of Andy LaRoche's(notes) thoughts on being involved in the historic swap. 7/31/08

• SoCal gets its first hilarious taste of "Manny Being Manny" when he fails to report to left field at the beginning of an inning against the Phillies. His whereabouts? The clubhouse bathroom, because he thought Joe Torre had pulled him for a defensive replacement. 8/12/2008

• Manny-Mania spreads through the National League as Teddy Roosevelt dons a Manny wig during the Presidents Race in DC. 8/27/2008

• With the East Coast now clear, Curt Schilling(notes) takes the opportunity to go on the radio and put Manny on blast. 9/18/2008

• On the eve of the 2008 NLCS (and with Manny hitting out of his mind), Tim McCarver joins in on the dichotomy-bashing fun. 10/9/2008

• Manny attempts to get in a scrape with Shane Victorino(notes) during Game 3 of the 2008 NLCS, but the entire Dodgers organization runs interference. 10/12/2008

• With the Dodgers bounced by the Phillies and Manny's contract expiring, Dodgers fans act as if they'll never see their carpetbagging superstar again. 10/16/2008

• But with the offseason Manny market not looking as robust as previously thought, we ask the silly question of whether it'd be wise for he and Scott Boras to head to arbitration with the Dodgers. 12/4/2008

• Manny threatens retirement after being virtually ignored at winter meetings. 12/11/2008

• Two months after he laughed at a two-year, $45 million offer from the Dodgers (that was loaded with deferred payments), Manny scoffs at a one-year, $25 million proposal. 2/3/2009

• Finally! With a decent chunk of spring training already in the books, Manny signs a two-year deal with the Dodgers worth $45 million. Mannywood lives on! 3/4/2009

• Now firmly entrenched on the opposite coast, Ramirez puts his Boston condo on the market for $8.5 million. Decked-out grill not included. 3/5/2009

• Manny shows up in a random Arizona park to take part in a cricket demonstration for DirecTV. Someday I'll tell my grandchildren that I was somehow there. 3/18/2009

• Busted! One month into his first full campaign with Dem Bums, Manny gets busted to the tune of 50 games for using fertility drugs. 5/7/2009

• After two weeks of silence, we ask why the hell Manny hasn't showed up in the clubhouse to talk to his teammates about the incident ... 5/21/2009

• ... when he makes plans to visit with his teammate pals, we immediately ask when he's going to address all the Dodger fans he's left disappointed. 5/21/2009

• Manny goes nuclear! Well, during his minor-league stint as a member of the Albuquerque Isotopes, anyway. 6/24/2009

• With the media tidal wave approaching, then-teammate Orlando Hudson(notes) expresses his desire to be airlifted right past the inquiring ink-stained hordes and straight into his position at San Diego's Petco Park. 7/7/2009

• With the Rockies surging and the Dodgers struggling, mediocre Manny becomes the focal point of criticism during the season's second half. 9/14/2009

• Manny makes a great shoestring catch in Game 4 of the 2009 NLCS and it's poised to be the highlight of the game — until Jimmy Rollins(notes) finishes a hopes-killing rally in the ninth inning. (Ramirez, by the way, is in the shower as Jonathan Broxton(notes) says bye-bye to the lead and basically the series.) 10/20/2009

• While Manny mashed in the 2008 playoffs, he did not in the '09 edition, leading to Los Angeles' second straight October disappointment. 10/22/2009

• As season No. 3 approaches, Manny says he knows his time with the Dodgers is ending. 2/22/2010

• The first widespread debate on Manny's Hall of Fame chances takes place. 4/19/2010

• Manny makes his long-awaited return to Fenway and gets bashed for doing nothing. 6/21/2010

• The Dodgers take down the Mannywood sign in left field. 8/11/2010

• Dunzo. 8/29/10

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