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We've reached the end of plays of the year polling and we're finishing on a high note — with four wacky happenings from the baseball diamond this season.

This series has covered things like best catches and biggest hits, but we have to acknowledge that some hilarious and/or odd things happen during baseball games too. So here are four memorable moments from 2013 that are vying for the "wackiest" honor.

It's up to you guys to decide which is tops. Vote for your wacky fave on the Big League Stew Facebook page. But first, watch them all again, in chronological order. We'll announce the winners of this category and the other five previous votes next week.

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1. Chad Qualls trips and falls doing fist pump
From July 31: "All that right-hander Chad Qualls was trying to do Tuesday night was get pumped up after stranding runners at the corners in the eighth inning ... Qualls got so fired up that, when he did a fist pump to announce his exuberance, he lost his balance, tripped and fell forward into some kind of half-somersault. It was kind of like what Aroldis Chapman did after getting a save that one time, only much less intentional and about 10,000 times as funny."

* * *

2. Prince Fielder chases a foul ball, rewards himself by swiping a fan’s nacho
From Sept. 19: "Fielder gave chase to a foul ball down the right-field line, but the ball was just a few feet out of his reach. As he hit the brakes near the stands, Prince got close enough to spy a fan's plate of nachos ... So Prince went in for the swipe. He grabbed that delicious piece of tortilla chip and cheese, stuck it in his mouth and even wiped his face clean on his jersey as he jogged away."

* * *

3. Jonathan Villar out after "butt slide."
From Sept. 18: "His team trailing by four runs already, Villar tried to stretch a single into two bases and failed — thanks to a strong throw from the outfield by Shin-Soo Choo, an unorthodox, back-facing, between-the-legs blind tag at second base by Brandon Phillips, and a bellyflop slide that ended with Villar's face nearly stuck up Phillips' tush."

* * *

4. National anthem standoff: Scott Van Slyke and Joe Kelly refuse to leave field before Game 6
From Oct. 18: "Following the national anthem before Game 6 at Busch Stadium, Dodgers' outfielder Scott Van Slyke and Cardinals’ starter Joe Kelly engaged in a bizarre standoff to be the last player standing and showing his respects to the flag. These guys weren't taking the standoff lightly, either. They continued holding their ground outside their respective dugouts even as the Cardinals took the field for warmups. It wasn't until an annoyed home plate umpire Greg Gibson ordered the players off the field that it ended. But even then Kelly was reluctant, taking two half-hearted steps back to the dugout. Van Slyke, on the other hand, wasn't budging."

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You decide which of these moments was the wackiest of 2013. Head over to the Big League Stew Facebook page and cast your vote.

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