Big League Stew’s Mascot Madness: And the winner is…

At last, we have a winner!

Over 10 days, 32 mascots competed on the field of battle (a.k.a. the BLS Facebook page) and marshaled armies (a.k.a. you folks, the voters). From the shredded rainbows of flying polyester, a victor at last emerged.

Would it be the dominant Phillie Phanatic? The crowd-favorite Racing Sausages? The surprising sentimental favorite Stomper? Or would a surprising new challenger step up and take the crown? Ladies and gentlemen, drumroll please ...

Yes, friends, Orbit the ... whatever Orbit is, the mascot of the Houston Astros, is our first Mascot Madness champion! The lowly #7 seed worked his way right up through the ranks, finally defeating the mighty Phanatic for mascot supremacy! Way to get out the vote, Houston!

Congrats to Orbit and his many fans, and thanks to the thousands of you who voted. Next year, we're going to do this "Hunger Games" style. See you 'round the ball yard!

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