Big League Stew’s Mascot Madness Day 7: On to the Elite Eight!

Big League Stew's Mascot Madness bracket is underway! Check out the matchups below and click on each matchup to head to the BLS Facebook page to vote. Your mascot is counting on you. Today, we're on to the Elite Eight!

San Diego Chicken Bracket
#1 Phillie Phanatic vs. #3 Bernie Brewer (VOTE HERE)

The Phanatic has been throttling opponents left and right. Last chance to keep the Phanatic out of the Phinal Phour is Bernie Brewer. Have another beer for courage, Bernie.

Crazy Crab Bracket
#5 Mr. Redlegs vs. #6 Stomper (VOTE HERE)

Cincinnati's Mr. Redlegs pulled off the impressive upset against Mr. Met, but is he any match for the Stomper juggernaut? This upset-laden bracket could go either way!

Youppi Bracket
#1 Racing Sausages vs. #2 Mariner Moose (VOTE HERE)

The seeds held! But this bracket looks like a runaway for the Sausages, particularly after a convincing win over the Presidents. Can you make moose sausage? We're about to find out.

Charlie-O Bracket
#1 Pirate Parrot vs. #7 Orbit (VOTE HERE)

Orbit, the little mascot that could, continues his improbable run, taking on the weakest of the remaining #1 seeds. Could another dramatic upset loom in the next 24 hours? The choice is yours!

Come back tomorrow for the Final Four!

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