Big League Stew’s Mascot Madness Day 5: The second round!

Big League Stew's Mascot Madness bracket rolls on! Check out the matchups below and click on each matchup to head to the BLS Facebook page to vote. Your mascot is counting on you.

We're on to the second round now!

San Diego Chicken Bracket
#1 Phillie Phanatic vs. #4 Oriole (VOTE HERE)

The Phillie Phanatic remains our overwhelming favorite, but Charm City could represent, yes? The Oriole is coming at the king ... and the Oriole had better not miss.

#7 Paws vs. #3 Bernie Brewer (VOTE HERE)

Paws scored the early upset of the bracket with a takedown of Fredbird. Can he run through another icon in Bernie Brewer? The choice is yours.

Crazy Crab Bracket
#1 Mr. Met vs. #5 Mr. Redlegs (VOTE HERE)

Hey, look at these two guys. Something familiar about both of them together ... wait a second, I think they're twins! Separated at birth! We've reunited the swollen-headed Mr. family! Sadly, one of them's going home after today. But hopefully they'll stay in touch.

#7 Southpaw vs. #6 Stomper (VOTE HERE)

Two upset winners, rolling into the second round together. Who would've thought that these two beasties would both win? Southpaw gets the entire Chicago vote, but Oakland showed up big time for Stomper. Could be the showdown of the day!

Tomorrow: the other two brackets are afoot, with Sausages, Presidents, and ... whatever the heck Orbit is. Come on back!

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