Big League Stew Mascot Madness Day 2: The Crazy Crab bracket

Big League Stew's Mascot Madness bracket is underway! Check out the matchups below and click on each matchup to head to the BLS Facebook page to vote. Your mascot is counting on you. (Day 1 of the matchup is right here.)

Crazy Crab Bracket
#1 Mr. Met vs. #8 Rangers Captain (Vote here)

Mr. Met is pretty much the only draw left for the Other Team From New York. Good thing he's a No. 1 seed. He draws a matchup against the Texas Rangers' nightmare-fuel Captain; question is, how many people will hate-vote against Mr. Met in every round?

#4 Rosie Red vs. #5 Mr. Redlegs (Vote here)

Queen City showdown! Two Reds enter, one Red leaves! Who's going to take this matchup? You wouldn't vote against pretty much the only easily identifiable female in this entire bracket, would you?

#2 Rally Monkey vs. #6 Southpaw (Vote here)

Rally Monkey continues to ride Southern California's goodwill even if he's not quite as reliable as a mascot that needs to show up for, you know, a paycheck. And as the Cubs don't have a mascot, Southpaw is pretty much the standard-bearer for the entire Windy City. No pressure.

#3 Lou Seal vs. #6 Stomper (Vote here)

Bay Area battle! Lou Seal is a dark horse — er, seal — candidate to win this entire thing. Stomper, alas, should provide little challenge.

Come back tomorrow for Seattle, Boston, Atlanta and more in the Youppi Bracket!

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