Big League Stew’s Mascot Madness bracket is underway! Vote now!

All due respect to March Madness, but Opening Day is truly the finest day of the sporting year, are we right? Promise, possibility, hope, the first warmth of spring ... there's nothing better, and if you aren't sufficiently motivated, some terrifying beast from your nightmares fluffy happy wonder-creature wearing your favorite team's uni will make sure you're fired up. Here, we're going to decide the finest mascot in the land, and we need your help. Each day we'll roll out a new bracket; voting on Facebook will remain open for 24 hours. Check back every morning for the latest brackets. Vote away!

Day 1: San Diego Chicken Bracket (VOTING COMPLETE)
#1 Phillie Phanatic vs. #8 Dinger (Colorado) WINNER: PHANATIC
#4 Oriole vs. #5 Ace (Blue Jays) WINNER: ORIOLE
#2 Fredbird vs. #7 Paws (Detroit) WINNER: PAWS
#3 Bernie Brewer vs. #6 Screech (Washington) WINNER: BERNIE BREWER

Day 2: Crazy Crab Bracket (VOTING COMPLETE)
#1 Mr. Met vs. #8 Rangers' Captain (Texas) WINNER: MR. MET
#4 Rosie Red (Cincinnati) vs. #5 Mr. Redlegs (Cincinnati) WINNER: MR. REDLEGS
#2 Rally Monkey vs. #6 Southpaw (Chicago White Sox) WINNER: SOUTHPAW
#3 Lou Seal (San Francisco) vs. #6 Stomper (Oakland) WINNER: STOMPER

Day 3: Youppi Bracket
#1 The Racing Sausages (Milwaukee) vs. #8 Homer D. Brave (Atlanta)
#4 The Presidents (Washington) vs. #5 The Pierogies (Pittsburgh)
#2 Mariner Moose (Seattle) vs. #7 TC the Bear (Minnesota)
#4 Raymond (Tampa Bay) vs. #6 Wally the Green Monster (Boston)

Go! Vote! Or these mascots will visit you while you sleep!

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