What’s better? The 2013 Houston Astros or their owner’s golf game?

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

We know the Houston Astros are rebuilding. And they're doing it in a way that can kindly be described as financially prudent. The Astros' payroll will be below $25 million this season, or in other words, a little less than what Felix Hernandez is making each year until 2019.

We've been there and done that with the Astros payroll, so we're not going to open that very modest and shallow can of worms again.

Astros-related headlines so far this spring have centered around two things besides money: That new manager Bo Porter didn't let the players have names on the back of their jerseys, because they have to earn that. (Kirk Gibson gives you a fist-pump for that grit, sir). The other? Owner Jim Crane's golf game.

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On Sunday, Crane was part of a very modest golf foursome that included two guys you might have heard of before: Tiger Woods and Barack Obama. Between the two of them, they probably had $25 million in their pockets. Just kidding. We think.

Two weekends ago, Crane finished third at the Pebble Beach National Pro-Am. He and partner Kevin Streelman ended the tournament with a 9-under-par 63 on the final day and a 64.25 average over four days.

Not surprising. Crane has a stellar reputation as a golfer. He was even named the best CEO golfer by Golf Digest. *quiet clap*

About the time Crane was getting his swing ready to impress Tiger, Las Vegas released its over/unders for wins this season. The Astros, not surprisingly, were at the bottom of baseball with 59.5. Now that's a good golf score.

With apologies to Vegas, the Stew is setting a new over/under for the 2013 Astros and it is 64.25.

Can the Astros be better this season than its owners' golf game? We'll be watching, Houston. Best of luck to you. No mulligans.

Spring training is here. Stretch out with us.
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