Bethesda, (Md.) college ballplayers pretend to play tennis during rain delay

David Brown
Big League Stew

That is, three players on the Bethesda Big Train formed a human net, and two others mimed continuous volleys back and forth until, presumably, someone hit it long (or into their teammates). The Big Train, college summer league team from Maryland, endured a rain delay Sunday at Shirley Povich Field and decided to make like Wimbledon and other outdoor events in order to pass the time.

What are we seeing here — Borg vs. McEnroe, 1981? All we need next time is four or five more guys to form the chair umpire. Maybe do Yannick Noah winning the '83 French Open.

The best part, if you listen beyond the Zydeco music in the background, is that they added sound effects. (That's what separates the Vines from the GIFs in animation evolution, my friends.) The Big Train (which I'm guessing is named for the nickname of Washington Senators legend Walter Thompson) had to step up the rain delay theater entertainment, especially with Cal Ripken attending the game.

This is much better college summer league action than that Freddy Prinze Jr. got in "Summer Catch." Not only was there tennis played, but they also played golf and hunted deer and moose, and then there was this:

Looks like one is getting away.

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