Bet you didn't know that Bob Uecker is a golden god

Big week for Mr. Baseball. First, Bob Uecker appears in the Stew as this week's Answer Man. Then he shows up in the pages of the Sports Illustrated (scanned below), wearing a teensy pair of swim trunks and looking like a slightly younger version of Jack LaLanne. Believe it or not, Ueck is 73 years old, but it's safe to say he won't be showing up on Gut Check Time any time soon.

Once you get done feasting your eyes on someone who looks like he avoids the temptations of knockwurst and beer, head on over to and read the Lee Jenkins piece on the Brewers long road trip that may or may not have been written as an excuse to run this photo.

Better yet, head out to the newsstands and buy a copy for proof that you can live in Milwaukee and still end up as a bronzed Adonis. Well done, Mr. Uecker.

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