Bert Blyleven’s Minnesota State Lottery commercial has singing animal puppets

Kevin Kaduk
Big League Stew

New rule! Any commercials involving a baseball Hall of Famers must also include a lodge full of guitar-thrumming and jug-puffing anthropomorphic wildlife.

Doubt that directive? Witness the tune-tapping acid trip (and generally awesome mayhem) that ensues when the Minnesota State Lottery sticks Bert Blyleven  in the middle of a musical mallard, a warbling woodchuck and a fart-sniffing skunk.

Keep your lame April Fool's Day posts. I'll take the laughs from this talented group of critters, even if it means singing this song for the rest of my day.

All together now!

"Every game the lottery has, for the cities, outstate and open lands, Minnesota's got back $2 billion you see, because you play the lottery."

According to the Star Tribune, Blyleven's spot is part of a new ad campaign that will run through June 30. And while this is one of the funnier baseball spots I've seen over the past few years, I'm guessing it's going to drive more than a few Twins fans to shoot their televisions by the end of the season's first homestand.

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BONUS! Here's the spot that Kent Hrbek taped for the campaign.

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