Berkman calls Astros in the AL a ‘travesty,’ suggests Brewers move

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Even though he just won a World Series with another team, Lance Berkman will primarily be known for his success with the Houston Astros.

He'll also be remembered for his willingness to share an opinion, which is why it should come as no surprise that the current St. Louis Cardinals outfielder is coming out against a possible move to the American League for the Astros.

Rather strongly, I might add.

From the Houston Chronicle:

"I think it's a travesty," Berkman said.[...] "It's a National League franchise. I think if they were going to do something like that, Milwaukee's the choice to go back to the American League; they're historically an American League franchise.

"It's a shame, I think, that Bud Selig is probably going to make that be sort of a condition of the [team's] sale. I don't like it. Even when I retire and live here in Houston, I don't want to go watch American League baseball. I'd like to have a National League team."

Berkman's anti-AL stance is nothing new. Back in July, he took aim at the DH rule, saying that baseball should ban it and that he'd rather retire than take a check for only hitting and not playing in the field. "That isn't baseball," Berkman said at the time.  {YSP:MORE}

Though I'm on record as liking the possibilities of having the Astros and Texas Rangers in the same division, I have to say that I like Berkman taking aim at Bud Selig and the suggestion of moving the Brewers. If the commissioner is looking to even both leagues at 15 squads apiece, Milwaukee is an easy fit in the AL Central with Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit and Minnesota. Kansas City could then join the AL West while the Astros stay where they've been. The only losers in the whole deal are Royals fans who'd have to stay up later to see their road games against the Angels, A's and Mariners.

Of course, that situation has zero chance of happening. Not only does Selig still like to insist that the Brewers are the modern-day version of his beloved Milwaukee Braves, but it's a lot easier to tell a future member of the club (whoever ends up buying the Astros) what to do than somebody who's already in (Brewers owner Mark Attanasio).

So, sorry Lance.

And sorry Houston.

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