Beer explosion! Fans’ attempt to catch foul ball with full beer cup backfires (Video)

Beer explosion! Fans’ attempt to catch foul ball with full beer cup backfires (Video)

I should first explain that this was by no means an ordinary foul ball. This was actually a frozen rope off the bat of Albert Pujols, who got well out in front of a Chris Sale breaking ball during their first inning confrontation on Friday night.

To me, if you're not wearing a glove, that's one foul ball you'd want to avoid unless the safety of a loved one depended on it. However, the group of fans sitting halfway down the third base line and about halfway up the bleachers Angel Stadium of Anaheim really didn't have much time to think or react.

Instead, all they could do was hold up their full cups of beer as a substitutes for leather, and the results were not pretty. In particular, they were not pretty for the man wearing the black Angels hat with the white t-shirt. Though his beverage did stay intact, which is very good news, he ended wearing most of the plaid shirted man's beer in front of him.

And to make matters worse for everybody, it looked like plaid shirt may have been in the best position to grab the souvenir after it hit the ground, but was a little slow reacting. We're not sure who ended up with it, but for him it may have been a sacrifice worth making to end up with a Pujols baseball.

Tough call. But I've always said the toughest decisions at a baseball game are made much easier by wearing a glove. I know, I know. Everybody's too cool to do that these days. And yes, I know that would eliminate many of the awesome clips we bring to you on a yearly basis. But I'm just looking out for you, as I always do.

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