Bear Grylls lights his first pitch on fire before throwing it at Dodger Stadium (VIDEO)

Kevin Kaduk
Big League Stew

Goodness, gracious, first pitch of fire?

Yup. Showing that he can rely on the elements in any situation, television survivalist Bear Grylls lit a baseball on fire before throwing it for the Los Angeles Dodgers' first pitch on Thursday night. Why the "Man Vs. Wild" star did this is anybody's guess, but it was worth it just to see Dodgers catcher Matt Treanor squirm behind the plate.

Seriously, you can actually see the sheepish reluctance from Treanor just before Grylls literally brings the high heat in the video clip below. 

I suppose this is the point where I'm supposed to warn everyone not to try this at home, but who am I kidding? Imitating this feat just jumped to the top of my weekend to-do list.

Soon as I find some lighter fluid, anyway.

A catcher, too.

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