BBWAA opens doors wider, admits four more Internet writers

Slowly but surely, the Baseball Writers Association of America is becoming more inclusive. The organization just held a meeting here at Bellagio and, for the second straight year, humbly voted to add a few Internet writers to their newspaper-dominated ranks. Joining the inaugural crop from last year will be Will Carroll and Christina Kahrl of Baseball Prospectus and Rob Neyer and Keith Law of

Though it seems the BBWAA has already become more progressive and finally realizes the impact that Internet writers can have, the move to include Baseball Prospectus is a big one, seeing as how it expands the Internet wing past the usual titans — Y! Sports, ESPN, SI, etc.

Meanwhile, the admittance of Neyer and Law comes a year after they were the only 'Net writers to be denied entry, a move that prompted a critical post from Law himself and plenty of tsk-tsking around the 'sphere.