Battle of the Bad Throws: Kelly Shoppach vs. Denard Robinson and a few others

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

Did you see Seattle Mariners catcher Kelly Shoppach's "throw" to second that went awry on Tuesday? It's not something you see too often from a big leaguer and, well, it's pretty funny. Behold.

Thanks to House of the Bluebird for the gif. Feel free to watch it over and over and over again.

It got us to thinking: How does Shoppach's miscue compare to other notoriously bad throws? Seems like the perfect time to have a Battle of the Bad Throws. Let's look at Shoppach's competition.

1. This recent bad throw gave us many guffaws — it's ex-University of Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson who had a very, very poor showing while throwing out a first pitch last week before a Detroit Tigers game:

Eeek. And that guy is (was?) a quarterback!

* * *

2. I watched "The Sandlot" last night (and I'm still high on nostalgia after last week's 20th anniversary). So beginning-of-the-movie Scotty Smalls should be in the running here. Under-hand style, eh Smalls? You're killin' all of us. (Forgive the video. Best I could find. Skip to 1:30.)

* * *

3. The awkward throwing father and son from this recent Volkswagen commercial, which we've all seen 25 times:

* * *

4. Ex-NBAer Delonte West, as seen here in a celebrity baseball game. Obviously not setting his sights on a baseball career now that he's in the D-League.

* * *

YOUR TURN: Is anybody worse than Shoppach? Pick the worst of these throwers, or nominate another horrible throw in the comments.

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