Batting Stance Guy’s plea to Kevin Youkilis: ‘Don’t go corporate. Bring back the stance.’

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

"NOOOOOO!" was the response from Batting Stance Guy in January when word started to swirl that Kevin Youkilis, newly-minted New York Yankee, would be changing his iconic stance.

But now that Youkilis has gone on camera and confirmed the change -- as you saw Wednesday morning on the Stew -- Batting Stance Guy (aka Gar Ryness) is getting louder in his objection. He turned to YouTube in a desperate appeal to Youkilis. And in typical Batting Stancy Guy fashion, the vid is hilarious.

The facial hair was one thing, Youk. But don't break Batting Stance Guy's heart too. He DID name you the No. 1 stance in the past 30 years in his book. This is like if Journey had changed the words to "Don't Stop Believin' " when the new singer joined the band.

Listen to Batting Stance Guy, Youk. He wouldn't suit up and risk getting accosted by Delmon Young if you two didn't have something special.

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