He was Batman: Actor Michael Keaton pumped about seeing Pittsburgh Pirates in playoffs

David Brown
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The Pittsburgh Pirates might not have many Hollywood types who attend their games just to be seen attending them, but they do have at least one famous thespian who loves them to pieces. Native son and actor Michael Keaton is so excited about his team making the playoffs for the first time since 1992 that he has written a concisely keen post about it over at ESPN.

Notable for being the first non-Adam West figure to play "Batman" in a movie, Keaton cranked out a solid five graphs on why Pittsburghers relate to Bucs manager Clint Hurdle. They include:

I just sense it about him. In the dugout, he seems to walk that fine line between/along being a father, a pal, a big brother, a counselor and a leader. Off the field, he is known to get standing ovations in a Starbucks or a Kroger supermarket. No bulls---/phony "aw shucks" attitude; and conversely, no arrogance. Acceptance and appreciation.

And the appreciation goes both ways.

Keaton also likes Andrew McCutchen for NL MVP, no matter how the voting goes. Keaton not only goes back to Barry Bonds and Andy Van Slyke in '92, but the 1979 "We Are Fa-mil-y" champs of 1979, and to Bill Mazeroski's famous World Series-winning home run in 1960, when Keaton was 9 years old. Maz was Keaton's idol growing up. So he's legit BUCN. Him and Wiz Khalifa.

Keaton's star hasn't burned quite as brightly in recent years; then again, Keaton's best performances to date haven't been as Bruce Wayne, but instead as the morgue clerk in "Night Shift," the titular character "Mr. Mom," a dying man in "My Life" and a degenerate gambler in "Game 6" (which uses baseball as a backdrop). And there's always "Gung Ho," which has great softball scenes that include George Wendt race-walking around the bases.

Hopefully, Keaton isn't off shooting the "Robocop" reboot and gets a chance to visit PNC Park on Tuesday night for the wild card against the Cincinnati Reds. And in case you're wondering, Keaton has come out pro-Ben Affleck for being the next Batman. Watch him be a nice guy in order to evade TMZ:

Are you ready for some playoffs?!
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