Baseball fights don't get more frightening than this one

Usually when we post baseball fight videos here on the Stew, it's to have a voyeuristic look at men being boys with tempers flaring in the heat of battle but with no real damage being done. However, Thursday night's 10-minute fight between the Dayton Dragons and Peoria Chiefs, which saw 15 players and both managers ejected, crashes through that boundary of an ultimately harmless brouhaha and enters full-fledged nightmare brawl territory with an absolutely haunting image.

If you haven't seen it already, check out the video from the Dayton Daily News (there's no sound, so don't readjust your sets at home) and try not to flinch when Peoria pitcher Julio Castillo fires a baseball toward the dugout, hitting a fan in the stands instead and hospitalizing him with one of the worst acts we've ever seen on a baseball field. Castillo, a 20-year-old from the Dominican Republic, is scheduled to be arraigned on charges of felonious assault today.

More on how the fight started, from the AP:

"After a Peoria player was hit in the top of the first, Castillo hit two batters in the bottom half — one in the head. The second hit batsmen by Castillo, Angel Cabrera, made an aggressive slide into second to break up a double play. Castillo followed that by throwing his next pitch up-and-in to the next Dayton batter, prompting Dayton manager Donnie Scott to complain to the home plate umpire. Interim Peoria manager Carmelo Martinez — filling in for Ryne Sandberg — came onto the field to join the discussion. The two managers began arguing, and when Martinez pushed Scott, the benches emptied.

We'll obviously be hearing more about this story and perhaps even see more fan videos like this one. At the best, we'll hear that Castillo is banned from baseball for a long, long time — maybe even forever. Stay tuned and keep the fan who was hit in your thoughts today.

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