Baseball bats fear the wrath of Carlos Gomez

The season hasn't started well for Houston Astros centerfielder Carlos Gomez. He's currently batting just .194/.217/.254, and his frustration bubbled over on Sunday during an at-bat against the Boston Red Sox.

Facing Red Sox pitcher Henry Owens in the third inning, Gomez struck out for the 17th time this season (strikeouts 18 and 19 would come later in the game). He was so angry at himself that he broke the bat over his knee like it was a balsa wood dowel...

...or a broom handle, or a piece of dry kindling, or a cardboard wrapping paper tube. The guy is very strong and very frustrated.

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Gomez's bat breaking skills have improved quite a bit from August 2015, when it took him three tries to accomplish the same feat.

Bats everywhere are fearing for their lives, hoping that soon Carlos Gomez will emerge from his slump and spare them the fate of their splintered brethren. 

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