Barry Bonds is looking for work (someone should give it to him)

So is it time to fire up The Barry Bonds Job Watch for another fruitless year?

On Tuesday, Bonds' agent Jeff Borris said that he was going to pitch all 30 major league teams to see if they were interested in the Home Run King, who has not played a baseball game since the end of the 2007 season.

Working in Borris' favor is that Bonds' ongoing perjury trial has been delayed at least until this summer. And since the prosecution may not be able to use key evidence, there's a good chance Bonds won't have to head off to the clink as the pennant race heats up.

Working against Borris is Bonds' age (he'll be 45 in July), more than a year spent away from the game and the alleged collusion among owners that Borris believes has kept his client blackballed.

"I'm still not optimistic," Borris tells the AP. "... I'm just doing due diligence."

Over on MLB Trade Rumors, they're already keeping a running tally of all the "Thanks, but no thanks" responses from GMs, a list that already includes the Nationals, Twins, Reds and even the attendance-hungry Pirates, the team that helped Bonds launch his career.

The solution to this problem is a simple one: Borris should arrange a workout for Bonds and invite anyone who's in a position to hand Bonds a job. If no one shows, he has some ammo for his collusion charges. If scouts DO show up, then Bonds is in excellent position to show that he can still make a difference at the plate for an AL team that needs a left-handed DH.

At this point, I think you could make an argument that A-Rod has taken over Bonds' reputation as baseball's biggest lightening rod. The arrival of Bonds might not cause as big of a distraction as it would have in the past. Plus, if we can forgive Jason Giambi, Andy Pettitte, A-Rod and dozens of others linked to PED-use and let them continue to play baseball as long as they're able, we can afford the same treatment to Bonds.

At the very least, he deserves more than a GM pretending he's busy with something else.

What do you think?