Ballpark implosion montage! (Video)

David Brown
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This is awesomely sad, or sadly awesome, depending on your mood this Thursday morning/afternoon. The Hot Stove show on the MLB Network, noting that the Astrodome probably will be destroyed soon after voters rejected a referendum designed to pay for its repurposing, collected the demolitions of several stadiums and set them to Tchaikovsky's "1812 Overture."

RIP: The Kingdome in Seattle; Riverfront Stadium in Cincinnati; Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh; Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia.

Like Harold Reynolds says, they're all like dominoes going down in a minute. The Kingdome, being a dome, kicked up the most dust. But Three Rivers appeared to be quite dusty too. It's good that these places are gone. They've all been replaced by superior venues. And implosions are good.

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