Bacon-shell taco offered at West Michigan Whitecaps minor league ballgames

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How hard do you like your arteries?

Well, fans of the West Michigan Whitecaps might be able to answer that question in person this summer by attending a ballgame at Fifth Third Ballpark, where a specialty concession stand will be selling a taco made with a bacon shell. Defibrillation, if necessary, is on the house!

As they have done previously, the "Baco" was chosen by fan contest, in which the top three vote-getters all listed bacon as ingredients, a press release stated:

The Baco received a staggering 30% of the online votes, while second place with 27% of the vote went to The Bad Joke (a corn dog covered in cheese with two strips of duck bacon on a bun…it will quack you up!). Third place was, a virtual tie between Crash's favorite snack, Rascal Chow (popcorn, bacon and Reeses) and Teeny Weenies (little hot dogs in mini helmets), with 9% each.

Teenie Weenies. Clever.

I'll be honest: This Baco simply looks like a lump of bacon with typical taco toppings heaped onto it. Not that it's a bad thing. Until it is.

The Whitecaps are known for their adventurous dining choices.

Back in 2009, they introduced the Fifth Third Burger, which was 1 2/3 pounds of ground beef topped with nacho cheese, chili, salsa, Fritos, tomato and lettuce, and served on an 8-inch bun. They're still serving it at the ballpark, too. So why not press your luck with the Baco?!

Say, is "Baco" pronounced "BAY-ko," for bacon, or "BOCK-oh," for taco (also like Paul Bako, former major league catcher)? Maybe they could have him come out to opening day and wolf one down, then throw out up the first pitch. He's retired and all.

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