Baby spotted sporting a mohawk at Coors Field

We’re not sure what it is about Colorado Rockies fans and mohawks, but it certainly seems to be the unique hairstyle of choice for those attending games at Coors Field.

As you may recall, earlier in the season we featured one Rockies fan who goes all out with his mohawk and even decorates it to support his favorite players. In fact, our own Mike Oz took it upon himself to analyze his hair, and then tested it out on a few of the Rockies superstars to highly entertaining results.

The thing is though, that fan is an adult who makes his own decisions and is obviously very comfortable with them. We're pretty sure the same can't be said for the baby who was seen sporting his own mohawk at Coors Field as Colorado battled the San Diego Padres over the weekend.

I'm going to go ahead and say that's a little too young to be going that far with a hairstyle. At least wait until they can say yes and say no with some understanding of what those words mean. That's just me though. I'm in no way suggesting the parents are ruining the baby's life or doing anything criminal. It's just, odd.

What do you think?

Acceptable? Doesn't matter? Get the kid a hat? Feel free to weigh in.

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