Australian baseball player picks up 7-10 bowling split with baseballs

I feel very confident that what you see in the video isn't one-hundred percent authentic. It almost couldn't be due to the incredibly difficult nature of the tricks involved. But the visual is incredible and the execution is still worth checking out and enjoying.

That's Scott Wearne, a second baseman for the Melbourne Aces of the Australian Baseball League, and apparently he's a very creative gentleman. While out bowling with a few friends or possibly teammates Wearne decided to break out some baseballs so he could attempt and film a couple bowling trick shots.

I'll be honest, the first shot looks believable due to the flawless visuals and sound effects, so I assume Wearne actually did fire a baseball at the pins. But it would seem to be a little too convenient that he left the infamous 7-10 split. Once he pulled out the second ball and nailed both pins with pinpoint accuracy, it should erase any and all doubt that their video has some nifty post production work. But the visual itself is no less impressive.

Not surprisingly, Wearne's video is already going viral on social media and was even a part of SportsCenter's Top 10 plays on Friday night. Any time you can create that much real attention for yourself, you've done something right. At that point, it doesn't really matter if the video itself was real or fake. Just the fact that you caught our attention for a split second and made us wonder means a job well done.

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