Attention, gamblers! Check out Rangers-Giants World Series odds

Thanks to Jimmy Shapiro over at Sport Radio Interviews for reminding the Stew of the Las Vegas odds on the World Series.

There are perhaps dozens of you out there who legally and sensibly gamble only what you can afford to lose on professional sporting events, and the upcoming confrontation between the Texas Rangers and San Francisco Giants will be no different.

Before the playoffs began, Bodog Sportsbook manager Richard Gardner said the betting public was hot for the Rangers and Giants. The Philadelphia Phillies were Bodog's favorite and received moderate support as such.

Folks tended to bet against the Cincinnati Reds and — interestingly — the New York Yankees.

So, what does ol' Bodog say about who's favored in the Fall Classic?

The Rangers are -135 straight-up favorites to win their first World Series. That means one has to bet $135 to get back $235 total.

If you're betting on the +115 underdog, you can put $100 on the Giants and get back $215 if they win.

The Rangers are 8-1 to sweep; The Giants are 18-1.

As for MVP of the Series, the favorites are who you'd think:

Rangers left-hander Cliff Lee(notes) has 11/2 odds, followed by teammate Josh Hamilton(notes) at 6/1.

The lowest odds for a Giants' player: Buster Posey(notes) and Tim Lincecum(notes) at 8/1. Cody Ross(notes), that rascal, is 11/1.

The most appealing MVP longshot is Giants closer Brian Wilson(notes), who is 30/1. If you're backing the Giants, and consider all of the one-run games they've been playing, Wilson could be a huge payoff for a relatively small investment.

A caveat: Only four relief pitchers have been picked Series MVP since it was first awarded in 1955, and only two — John Wetteland (1996) and Mariano Rivera(notes) (1999) of the Yankees — have come in the past 35 years.

Another caveat: A wise man has said, "He who gambles lives in shambles."

I say, just one more bet can get you back to even.

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